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December 31, 2019

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Roma Street Parkland - Brisbane

5 Sep 2016








 (Sweater from Mura Boutique {Sold Out} | Skirt from Boohoo {Sold Out} Similar style here: Rachel Parcell | Ballet flats from your local kmart store)

Hello everyone, I just visited the Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane! It was absolutely beautiful! Its spring next month and i can just imagine how bright and colourful the flowers will be blooming! Im so sad that the photo quality is bad, I normally take my photos on my DLSR camera but forgot to bring it so these iPhone pictures will just have to do. They had a whole garden dedicated to cabbages, it was the cutest thing ever, it totally reminded me of cabbage patch kids. I wore the cutest sweater from and skirt combo, I can't wait for lighter clothes this coming spring. If you find yourself in Brisbane you must visit these gardens! 


Love and light,