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December 31, 2019

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The perfect evening clutch...

27 Sep 2016


 (Clutch: Forever New - Available in store only)


 Isn't it just the best when someone gets you a gift?! My gorgeous boyfriend Sean bought me this amazing clutch last month. It has a long gold chain so you can wear it as a cross body bag which is the best for me because I cant stand carrying around a clutch! It has to have a strap! I love wearing it when Sean and I go out in the evening and to the more fancier places we go to. I must say this is probably one of my favourite gifts Sean has ever got for me. He did get me a goldfish but I failed to keep her alive for 24 hours, I don't know where i went wrong lol. Maybe i'll have better luck next time! I also have pet chickens Marilyn and Ethel, Ethel decided she was going to take her free ranging privileges to the extreme and wander down the street! I was so worried all day and went looking for her however I couldn't find her anywhere, when Sean got home from work he went looking for her and found her down in our neighbours garden! I was so relieved! 


Love and light,




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