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December 31, 2019

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My secret bathroom weapon!

9 Oct 2016


Hello lovelies!


I have recently partnered up with Holster Brands, Holster Brands are silicone holders designed to organise your kitchen, bathroom and home. I was sent the hot pink deluxe hot iron holster and it is so functional!


Its designed to hold my hair curler but I use it for so much more! It sticks on to pretty much anything and everything and leaves no sticky residue! Its also heat resistant to 500 Fahrenheit/260 degrees celsius. They also have the hobby holster which holds all your craft tools and the lil holster which holds soaps and other various things!


It comes in so many different colours, in my opinion its a must have for any bathroom! Now I have my Holster I know I would not be able to be with out it, as I now have so much more bench space and I'm not worried about burning my self on my hair curler anymore, win win!


Love and light,