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December 31, 2019

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Changing weather!

19 Oct 2016

(Top: River Island (Sold Out) Similar style here | Leggings: BONDS | Denim Jacket: Cheap Monkey | Boots: Your local Kmart store | 



Ok first things first, what is with this weather? If you live in Australia like me you've probably been experiencing the same annoying thing that I have!


One day is boiling hot and the next it's freezing cold, one day I'm in a lovely summer dress sipping on a margarita poolside and the next day I'm rugged up trying to sip my hot chocolate through chattering teeth!


Honestly I can't keep up with Mother Nature lately! The worst thing is that I get a spray tan ready for the gorgeous spring days ahead of me and I'm back in tights and warm clothes! Not cool Mother Nature not cool.

So here I am, rugged up again back in leggings! Before you berate me for wearing leggings, I know I know "tights are not pants" but I really don't care, I am in spring dressing mode so leggings or tights (whatever you call them in your neck of the woods) are gonna be the best you get!


If you want my advice, well who am i kidding of course you do ;) I suggest always carrying a denim jacket with you for the changing weather. A denim jacket in a light blue is the perfect staple in any woman or man's wardrobe and will pair up easily with any outfit unless you're wearing a ball gown and in that case you must be incredibly fancy, can we please be best friends?! 


Well thats enough from me, I'm off to check the weather guide!


Love and light,