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1 Dec 2016










This is the second instalment in the gift guide series. Today is gifts for kids! There is a incredibly popular toy called a Hatchimal. If you don't already know what a Hatchimal is, let me explain.


A Hatchimal is basically 2016's version of the Tamagotchi. Its the must have toy this christmas. Its a cute fluffy little creature that you hatch out of an egg and look after through the different stages of its life. However there is a short supply and it is notoriously hard to get your hands on one!

I rang around and spoke to various people about Hatchimals and how I could get my hands on one for my younger sisters. I rang around with absolutely no luck!


However I did notice something that may be of help, the further I rang out of the city, the more chance I was given to get my hands on one and Kmart seems to be the only store that is getting another shipment before christmas. You will need to travel out of the city to get your hands on a Hatchimal! But if your'e little one isn't fussed with Hatichimals, I have plenty more ideas for you to pick out of! Theres always the safe option of a TY beanie boo! They are soft, cuddly and kids love to collect them! They also come in different sizes! Just click on the photos for all details!


Love and light,


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