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December 31, 2019

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My honest opinion on the Skinny Coffee Club program...

22 Jan 2017


Hello lovelies!


Are you familiar with the Skinny Coffee Club? Basically its a 28 day program that is suppose to help you lose weight. The program is apparently suppose to give you visible results within the first week of using it. It also is suppose to taste amazing and be full with antioxidants. I put this coffee to the test and here is my honest opinion:

Well to put it quite simply, I'm not a fan of coffee however I did lose weight. Four Kilos to be exact. It's not that I hated this coffee, I'm just not a fan of coffee. Never have been and probably never will be. I don't like drinking caffeinated drinks, I have a cup of tea in the morning and that's all I can handle.


The coffee had an alright taste when you added a spoonful of sugar to it, which technically you're not supposed to, however I did. This coffee is supposed to help with bloating and I can 100% attest to that. After a week using it, I noticed a massive change in how I felt and how I was never bloated anymore! I then stepped on the scales and sure enough I had lost four kilos which honestly, really impressed me!


This program also has other great benefits, when you buy a coffee pack, you will get an email sent to you which has a meal plan and an exercise plan which is super helpful and actually easy to maintain. 


I wasn't expecting much going into this program so I'm pleasantly surprised with the results. If you are looking to stop bloating and want to lose weight fast, I definitely recommend giving this program a try!


Love and light,