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December 31, 2019

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5 Important things to consider when accessorising for your prom/formal...

9 May 2017


Hello lovelies,


So this post has been a long time coming! I have had so many requests from my American readers to give my tips for prom which I've been told is generally held May/June/July! Over here in Australia we call it a formal and its actually held during the end of the year. 


It always feels as though prom is right around the corner, doesn’t it? Well, every girl wants to shine on her special night, and that means choosing the right dress. But, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to find the right accessories, too. Don’t shove accessorizing to the bottom of your list, every little thing goes towards creating your overall look and making sure you really do dazzle. Below, I have compiled a few important pointers to help you accessorise your prom dress.


  • Pay Attention to Colour-Coding

Now this is a big one! Colour-coding your accessories is really important. If your dress has a lot of detail or more than one colour, you should opt for neutral accessories when it comes to shoes and jewellery. Shiny jewellery is still going to shimmer in the disco lights, but it won’t take away attention from the colours in your dress. If you have chosen a dress that has heavy beading or a lot of detail, pair it with gold or silver fine jewellery and neutral shaded shoes for an elegant look. Each gown is truly special so you should want to complement it properly.


  • Diamonds for Prom? Yes!

It doesn’t matter what colour dress you choose for prom, it doesn’t matter what style, cut, or shape you go for, clear gems and diamonds will make a statement. Having the perfect selection of bling will show everyone just how stylish you really are. If you’re not that in to bling and are going for a traditional look, what about pearls? Pearls are so versatile and go with pretty much any style and colour dress and are sure to make you look elegant and timeless. You can see more on this here.


  • Think About Your Dress’s Style

The type of dress you select is going to make a big impact on the way in which you should accessorise for prom. Firstly, choose a dress that looks amazing on you from and then consider accessories to go with it. If you pick a halter top dress, for example, you just cannot wear a necklace with it, but you can pick beautiful earrings, a ring, or a bracelet. On the other hand, strapless prom dresses just shout out for the perfect necklace. Go through a few different pieces of jewellery with your dress to find the right combination.


  • Contrasting Colours Can Work

If you have chosen a dress in a single, solid colour, you can pick jewellery in a contrasting colour to help you stand out. For example, a red dress can be tough to accessorise, but when paired with sandals that have blue gemstone details on them, it can go from drab to completely glam! The gemstones will contrast exceptionally well against the red dress.


  • Take Your LBD from Plain to Amazing

If you have decided to play it safe with a black dress, you cannot go wrong with silver or gold accessories. Gold and black are certainly a classic combo, and it will give you an air of elegance and sophistication. Silver, on the other hand, makes you look edgy and cool. Jewel toned accessories also work really well with a black dress.


Getting your accessory colours and balance just right is not easy. So, ensure you give yourself loads of time to find the right pieces within your budget and you are sure to look and feel incredible. How gorgeous are the two dresses that I have picked from Peaches Boutique! I'm obsessed with the embrodiary on the second one!


And at the end of the day all that matters is that you feel great, look great and have an overall wonderful time!


Love and light,