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December 31, 2019

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Pick The Perfect Coloured Engagement Ring For Your Beloved...

17 Jul 2017



Hello lovelies,

This is quite a special post, one to send directly to your partner with a little *hint hint* in the subject title!


Did you know that diamonds come in a wide variety of colours? But, did you realize that coloured diamonds also make for sensational engagement rings? Most of the time, the stones are valued for the lack of colour, with colourless diamonds receiving the highest grades. But, coloured diamonds are simply special. They have a range of associations attached to them, with some people believing that red diamonds mean strength and true love, while yellow stones are a symbol of calm, caring, and selflessness.


Coloured diamonds are becoming a popular choice for diamond engagement rings and you can get a beautiful custom engagement ring in Toronto and Diamonds for Less or from a local jeweller to truly show off your love and dedication. Even celebrities have been spotted flaunting colourful rings on the red carpet and in fashion magazines. So, is a coloured diamond the right choice for your engagement ring? You should consider a coloured diamond if:


Your fiancé-to-be is trendy and unique.


Fashion-forward and sophisticated colour combinations will really set your fiancée apart from the rest. Take a good look at her style for clues. If she generally adores colour and has a flair for tasteful accessories, she’ll love a coloured diamond.


She loves romance and glamour.


If she loves classic movies and is drawn to the sophistication and glamour of old Hollywood, and of course, loves watching anything to do with the royals, a coloured diamond is just the thing to infuse a touch of glamour into her daily life.


She has a favourite colour.


Does she prefer pink? Maybe she has gorgeous green eyes? Perhaps orange is the number one shade for her skin tone? If you notice that there is a colour she often wears, and engagement ring of that colour is sure to be a hit.


You want something with deep meaning.


Coloured diamonds have all kinds of meanings attached to them, the same way gemstones do. There are a variety of interpretations based on who you ask. As a couple, you may want to pick something that symbolizes your unique relationship.


Budgeting for a Coloured Diamond


If you have already decided that a coloured diamond is the way to go for an engagement ring, you don’t need to a book a ticket to Paris or Switzerland to shop at the major auction houses – there are affordable options to shop for right here.


Be careful in purchasing coloured diamonds as there are those that have been artificially enhanced just to give off a certain colour. You may think that you’ve purchased a natural fancy coloured diamonds but instead you end up with one that is just made in a lab. Deal only with a reliable jeweller to avoid such issue.


Whichever you choose, you are sure to thrill your fiancé with a coloured diamond engagement ring that she will be proud to wear forever.


Love and light,