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December 31, 2019

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6 Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing Sterling Silver Jewellery...

28 Jul 2017


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The reason why most pieces of jewellery are made using sterling silver is because it is durable, appealing, and affordable. Sterling silver is a mixture of metals where it consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper, where copper is used to add strength to each piece. However, it is important to note that sterling silver pieces do vary in terms of quality. When buying sterling silver jewellery, you will need some knowledge to make the right choice in terms of quality and authenticity, and that is what we will focus on in this article.

Know the Metal
The reason why sterling silver is used and not pure silver is because pure silver is very malleable and soft which means it would be impractical to use it to make jewellery. As said earlier, each piece is comprised of 92.5 percent of silver, the remaining percent can be any alloy so long as it is able to strengthen the silver. The reason why copper is mostly used to fill the remaining percent is that it is very compatible with silver and it is able to harden the silver without compromising its colour. Some people believe that the 7.5 percent do affect the value and integrity of the sterling silver jewellery but it is not true. Factors that affect the quality of sterling silver jewellery is the quality of craftsmanship and, of course, the design.


Check for Authenticity
This is a very important factor to check when buying sterling silver jewellery. The good thing is that it is not that hard since sterling silver jewellery has its quality mark. According to federal trademark law, precious metals should have a trademark or a traders' mark. The common marks that you are likely to find on sterling silver jewellery includes the ster, sterling silver, 925 and sterling. Check out the collection of designer silver jewellery from Silver by Mail.


Personal Style
For many years, sterling silver jewellery has been very popular and that has led to a vast variety in style, price range, and size. Remember that sterling silver chains, bracelets, and rings come in a wide variety so it is only fitting that you experiment on different styles and see which perfectly fits your personal style.

Watch Out for the Word "Plated”
There is a difference between sterling silver jewellery and silver-plated. So in case you see the word plated, know that is not sterling silver. Silver plated means the jewellery is coated with silver but the actual metal used in making the jewellery is either copper, nickel or another type of metal. The disadvantage of silver-plated jewellery is that the silver wears out quickly.

Test the Jewellery for Quality
To know the quality of a sterling silver piece, you have to test the clasps. This should be stable and secure but at the same time easy to open. For instance, in the case of a sterling silver chain, you have to keenly check for any bends or kinks in the jewellery. This is usually done by laying it on a flat surface.


Get Detailed Information from the Store
There are three things that a store associate should be able to outline about the sterling silver piece. This includes the location of the hallmark, who designed the jewellery, and what the sterling silver jewellery is comprised of. In case you notice that the associate is not familiar or is reluctant to answer your questions, then it is better to look for a store that has the answer to your questions. Only purchase sterling silver jewellery from a reliable jeweller or store.


Take note of all these tips and purchase quality sterling silver jewellery.


Enjoy your weekend!


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