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December 31, 2019

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Kmart Cubby House Hack

31 Dec 2019

Hello all!


Its been a minute! I’ve been living life over on the gram for the past year. While I miss my blog I haven’t felt the need to use a blog post and instead post it all on Instagram. But I knew I needed to do a blog post for the EPIC Kmart cubby house hack we did! Here’s a picture of the before and after;



What we used:

4L of white fence paint - Bunnings

2L of navy endure weatherproof outdoors paint - Bunnings

Gold ships bell - Bunnings

Gold door handle - Bunnings

Gold numbers - Bunnings

Flowers - Kmart

Curtains - I made these myself with fabric from spotlight

Side shelf - Bunnings

Side Shelf fixtures - Bunnings

Carpet - leftover from our guesthouse build

Doll High Chair - Tiny Harlow


We started off by pulling it all out of the box and setting aside what would be painted white and what would be painted navy. We own a spray gun so sprayed all the white parts and hand painted the navy parts. Tricky little bits we hand painted. It took about a week to paint it all but with two babes 14 months apart we could only paint during the 2hr nap window and at night. Once painting was completed we then put it together and then touched up any other areas that needed some extra paint. We did four coats of each colour.




I sewed the curtains myself and used about 2m of fabric. We used the curtain rod wire set from Bunnings which was a bargain at only $5! With the side shelf we had planned to round the corners but couldn’t find the tool in time so we will do that at a later date. I added a bolga basket into the cubby with some toys, a pretend old school phone on the shelf, a tea set, pretend food, doll high chair and doll for some roleplay fun! We chose these colours and fixtures as they are the same as our house and we thought it would be cute to have a little mini version!